• We are EZ Tech Industry & Trading Company Limited(英泰工贸有限公司), which has been dealing with Auto parts and accessories since 2003. Our product covers Tire valves for different kinds of cars, Valve accessories Such as repair tools, Wheel balance weights, Lug nuts and bolts, Tyre balancer, Tyre changer, Tyre regroover, Car Washsers. Wheel aligner, Nitrogen Machine for car and light truck, Hydraulic lift and so on. Thanks to our experience guarantee the highest quality, so that we have fully confidence to promote our products to abroad market: Asia, Europe, USA, South American etc. Because we have professional and endeavors factories & partners who specialized in auto parts line for long time and value the QUALITY & reputation we built. Thus we trust that we will go further with customers who hands up with us.

       We encourage any of you to cooperate and contact us. Analyzing your needs and return our best reply and your expectations. 

          TRY US! We can do more than your imagine! 

    EZ TECH Sales Team(英泰工贸有限公司)中国汽保行业驱动者...


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